The world Famous Cyclades, with proceeds to the Unique & mysirius Santorini, the Glory Myconos, but also the unscered Rinia, the ancient Delos.

As many as the islands that many are the cruises that AEGEOTISSA Yachts can do!!!

Cosmopolitan Dodecanese, but also isolated little islands, like Arkious and Marathi where each arrival excites the locals. In the green Sporades we drop anchor where the green meets the blue and the seals are looking for a cave to live in. In the calm sea of Ionion Pelagos we find virgin shores untouched by the hordes of tourists, likewise in Crete and Peloponnesus.

The dolphins sail with us under our bow. A bow that does not antagonize, does not provoke, does not challenge. A bow of their own, a bow of the sea and the waves.

It takes a few hours to remind us that paradise is not that far away, it’s next to us and inside us and in paradise we can travel.

A Paradise that includes not only the vision but also the soul. Voyages in a sea full of stories to tell and hear among the crew and passengers.

A journey once lived, always remembered and repeated. BON VOYAGE!



Our Greek family built & owned wooden traditional yachts :”Aegeotissa I” , “Aegeotissa II” , “Corsaro del santa Maura “ sail 7/10/14 days private charters cruise itineraries to all other Greek destinations but also provide 7 days “cabin charters” in Cyclades or Ionian for individuals . Are Yachts are also ideal for special daily events such as weddings, , art exhibitions, birthday parties, celebrations.



Tailor–made sails for small groups of 10-24 guests interest in a classic charter. Our crewed -yacht cruises are suitable to families, active citizens 50+, women-only groups, seminars , exhibitions.


  • Bike/walking cruises. Our crewed yachts are large enough to carry from 10- 40 bicycles each, & small enough to proceed even the smallest island ports
  • Educational/archeological tours. These cruises include destinations such as Delos, Deplhoi, Olympia, Epidavros, Mycene etc . We even follow Snt Paul Steps (Greece – Turkey). We always help you, setting –up your own cruise itinerary with a special archaeological and cultural emphasis
  • Gluten – free Cruises. Special cruises for Celiacs. Carefully home made meals, 100% gluten free for celiac support groups, families or singles.
  • Pirates Era A Unique trip in the past. Proceeds to the islets & the seashores & places where the old Greek Pirates lived & travel.



Our cruise includes proceeds to the most worth seeing islands of Aegean (Santorini, Myconos,Delos, Paros , Naxos Tinos), optional land tours to the archaeological sites (organized by our tour leader), swimming stops to unspoiled beaches & a daily meal on the boat.


Cruise Itinerary – 7 days in the Cyclades
Day From To
Friday Lavrion Serifos
Saturday Serifos Santorini
Sunday Santorini Naxos
Monday Naxos Paros
Tuesday Paros Delos / Myconos
Wednesday Myconos Syros
Thursday Syros Kea
Friday Kea Lavrion


Please note that Lavrio ( the embarkation / disembarkation port) is an ideal port to start your charter since is only 20 minutes from the Athens airport and is nearest to Cyclades Islands.


Cruise Itinerary – Ionian 7 days cruise for individuals
Day From To
Friday Lefkas Syvota  or Meganisi
Saturday Syvota Ithaki
Sunday Ithaki Cefalonia
Monday Cefalonia Paxos
Tuesday Paxos Corfu
Wednesday Corfu Syvota (Eipirus)
Thursday Syvota (Eipirus) Palairos
Friday Palairos Lefkas



Our Boats are available for special daily events such as Business Meetings , post conferences trips, Events such as weddings, celebrating, birthdays, or just a “sun-sea & fun” day for family and friends.